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Subscription Management Features & Tools

Our Subscription Management Solutions offer increased revenue opportunities for print, digital & physical products. We supply you with the tools to grow your publishing revenues and provide you with the technology to support your print & digital strategies. Our platform provides customizable tools & features to support frontline staff productivity across multiple channels, drive growth, and increase revenue.

MemberzPlus Subscription Management Tools

Some features include:

  • Subscription Management: Easily manage primary subscriptions, corporate & family subscriptions, gifts, donations, content packages, one-time products, memberships and more.
  • Promotion Management: Support of varying subscription types, promotional items, delivery schedules, and pricing.
  • Stacked Contracts: Flexibility to stack contracts with predetermined, staggered, or flexible contract terms.
  • Issue Management: Define multiple addresses and delivery patterns, include the ability to redirect or suspend delivery for holidays and option to tie delivery to payment.
  • Real-Timing Reporting: Customized reporting. Track real-time and deferred revenue.

Revenue Growth through Optimization

Our platform is built to support large and rapidly growing organizations. We provide our clients with unique solutions to their specific challenges in order to support their continued growth. Our modern technology platform is capable of integrating with all key business applications and because it is flexible and adaptable, it continues to grow in capabilities to support your success well into the future. System efficiencies are our specialty and our clients continue to boast about their exceptional ROI.

MemberzPlus Implementation Process

360 Degree View & Subscriber Data

Our platform provides a 360 Degree Dashboard View of the subscriber to include: contact information, subscription status, delivery schedule, transaction history, and much, much, more. All information is displayed on one screen and specifically designed to deliver the most efficient subscriber transaction. All transactions are updated in real-time and securely stored within the MemberzPlus platform. Data can be complied and analyzed over the life of the subscriber to maximize marketing opportunities.

Technology Innovation & Expertise

Technology Innovation is the foundation of our success. Our industry experts are dedicated to the development of new and innovative solutions to support our clients’ business success. Our clients’ unique challenges drive our innovation. Our technology is built on a platform that is easily scalable and highly adaptable. As such, it is continually evolving which enables us to offer new features and interface enhancements to our existing clients as part of our professional services at no additional cost.