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Security Standards

Our CSO (Chief Security Officer) leads a team of highly capable security experts who have developed and maintained well-defined security best practice initiatives. We are SOC II Certified and PCI Compliant. Our solutions run behind a secure firewall. We maintain a Level 3 PCI validation on MemberzPlus software and all related hosting services and participate in accredited 3rd party security evaluations.

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MemberzPlus Security Monitoring

PCI Validation

We maintain a Level 3 validation to safeguard the storage and processing of credit card data. An independent 3rd party validation is performed to ensure compliance with all guidelines.

Secure Layer Encryption

Data encryption is used to keep all sensitive data secure both within the MemberzPlus platform, as well as, while in transit to 3rd party providers.

MemberzPlus Security Encryption
MemberzPlus Security Scans

System Security Scans

Automated penetration scans are run on a weekly basis. This provides a very detailed report which is used to ensure our environment is secure from all known vulnerabilities.

Professional Monitoring

Our team of experts are highly vigilant and proactive to ensure we are always ahead of the curve on data security. Our security professionals monitor our system environment and analyze reports to ensure all security requirements are being met.

MemberzPlus Security Monitoring
MemberzPlus Security Custom

Client Specific Security

We meet and maintain compliance across a wide range of our client’s specific industry security requirements. We participate in all associated assessments and reviews to ensure we are meeting our client’s standards at all times.

Security Intelligence

Our internal infrastructure security team meets on a weekly basis to discuss all aspects of IT structure, existing security procedures, and implementation of any new security requirements. These regular meetings involve our CSO, entire security team, dba’s, network engineers, server admins, developers, and system managers. These regularly scheduled meetings are a major component in ensuring MemberzPlus stays ahead of the security curve and continues to maintain the highest level of security at all times.

MemberzPlus Security Intelligence