MemberzPlus Maintenance and Support Services
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Newest Technology & Trends

Both business and technology requirements are fast paced and continuously changing. It is important to maintain the most up-to-date technology capabilities in order to support changing business objectives and stay relevant in the marketplace. MemberzPlus offers the advantage of continuous technology innovation and feature development to ensure your organization stays ahead-of-the-market and able to support revenue growth opportunities more quickly.

24/7/365 Support Services

MemberzPlus support professionals are available 24/7/365 days a year. Our qualified professionals are prepared to assist with:

  • Problem Solving
  • Operational Training
  • Maintenance and Testing
  • Scheduling Resources
  • Security Compliances & Upgrades
  • On-Going New Feature Development

MemberzPlus Always On

Performance Improvements

A high level of system performance is crucial in the success of a membership organization. MemberzPlus offers the ability to quickly implement system upgrades and performance enhancements. Our maintenance and service support provides for faster upgrade implementation timelines due to prioritized scheduling and 24/7/365 resource availability. These upgrades improve the overall performance and functionality of the application. Moreover, they enable the software to last longer by increasing its life cycle.

Shared Technology Development

MemberzPlus Shared Technology

Gain the advantage of the newest market driven technologies with shared new technology development. Our maintenance and support services include on-going continued development of new features as requested and prioritized by you. In addition, you will have the advantage to utilize any new system features and tools that are developed by other MemberzPlus clients. This affords continued system capability growth to achieve:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Improved integration and performance with back-end systems
  • Improved support of real-time decisions in varying market environments
  • Improved support of new revenue building initiatives.

Capability Enhancements

We consistently review system capabilities and remove unwanted and outdated functions and features that effect the efficiency and effectiveness of the solution. The newest system features and technologies are then added, to ensure the system is working at the highest levels of efficiency at all times. This enhances the performance of the software platform, work pattern, hardware upgrades, compilers and all other aspects that affect system workflow. Our maintenance and support services offer the ability to add and remove features efficiently.

Compliance & Regulatory Standards

MemberzPlus is in compliance with all national and international regulatory standards. We undergo a complete SOC II audit annually, which provides a detailed report on controls over security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and privacy. We also comply with all specific industry specific quality standards requirements and any necessary additional compliance requirements.

MemberzPlus Compliance

Cost Efficient

Depending on current maintenance expenditure requirements, MemberzPlus maintenance & support services may also offer a considerable savings to IT maintenance costs. There could be multiple cost reductions realized in daily maintenance costs, as well as, a reduction in staff overtime costs by reducing the need for emergency maintenance and repairs. This could enable your IT staff to work more efficiently and effectively and could afford additional time to be spent on value added projects. These reductions in operating cost also could offer an immediate and exceptional ROI.