MemberzPlus Features
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MemberzPlus Features

Our platform provides tools & features to support productivity across multiple channels. We tailor our existing features to support your specific business requirements and continually add new features to support your future success.

MemberzPlus Membership Management Features
  • Manage individual, corporate, group, and gift memberships
  • Multi-tiered and multi-year memberships with entity relationships between members/subscribers (i.e. family, group, affiliate, etc.)
  • Online new member or renewal
  • Automated membership communications and services
  • Many more features…
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  • Manage multiple subscriptions per member/subscriber with different terms, Quantities, and price points
  • Combine digital and print subscriptions
  • Stack subscriptions to ensure subscriber maintains service without interruption
  • Manage issues and label pulls
  • Many more features…
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MemberzPlus Subscription Management Features
MemberzPlus Contact Management Features
  • Manage all information for member, subscriber, sponsor, supporter, lead, prospect, or non-member customer at the point of entry.
  • Manage, verify, and update all relevant contact information.
  • Manage membership and demographic information.
  • Multi-level security and permission settings ensure users have access to only relevant data levels.
  • Many more features…
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  • Improve staff efficiency and productivity by automating manual tasks.
  • Automated scrip engine with workflow management to improve communication.
  • Create custom batch processes with dependencies to ensure processes are completed within scheduled timelines.
  • Improve back office efficiencies by scheduling systems to run in off-peak hours and schedule recurring report generation, delivery via email or a report repository.
  • Automated email notifications and automatic encryption and delivery of 3rd party files.
  • Many more features…
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MemberzPlus Process Automation Features
MemberzPlus Contribution Management Features
  • Fundraising Management
  • Contribution Processing: gifts & donations of all types, including one time, annual, or scheduled recurring contributions via billing or autopay.
  • Conversation scripting displays to assist frontline staff with up/sale, cross/sale, and donation opportunities.
  • Donor contribution history displayed on a 360 view so frontline staff can immediately identify previous dotation levels and V.I.P. level donors.
  • Many more features…
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  • Ability to create campaigns with multiple offers and premium combinations and combine various multi-year offers and reward premiums to drive engagement.
  • Flexible pricing features with discount management, date sensitive pricing, payment/installment plans, and prorations.
  • Pull and manage qualified member or lead lists in order to target promotions.
  • Scripting engine with workflow management to drive member communication via all channels: phone, web, email, mail, etc.
  • Many more features…
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MemberzPlus Campaign Management Features
MemberzPlus Financials and Accounting Features
  • Secure payment processing across multiple payment types
  • Real-time management of all financial transactions
  • Integration with existing accounting systems to easily manage daily financial batches, invoices, payments, and accounting adjustments
  • Multiple canned accounting and financial reports and the ability to create customized accounting and financial reports.
  • Many more features…
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  • Real-time reporting displayed on dashboards for easy viewing.
  • Hundreds of canned reports that are available to be viewed via online dashboards or downloaded as Excel spreadsheets.
  • Ability to create your own custom reports and custom dashboards with controlled access by designated user or groups.
  • Report repository for categorizing standard reports with controlled user/group access.
  • Many more features…
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MemberzPlus Reports and Dashboards Features
MemberzPlus Payment Management Features
  • Real-time payment processing across all channels including support for multiple forms of payment per transaction to include: credit cards, e-check, cash, check, and/or organization defined payment types such as club issued vouchers, gift cards and vouchers.
  • Management of payment cancellations with immediate chargeback to credit cards and/or refund management for debit cards and checks.
  • Auto-Renewal and Auto-Pay for dues, subscriptions, and contributions.
  • PCI compliant with built-in field level data encryption and 3rd party tokenization support. IVR integration for processing call centers.
  • Many more features…
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  • The 360 Degree View dashboard gives you the ability to view the life span history of your members and subscribers in a single one-page easy to use interface.
  • Interactive 360 Degree View of the member includes:
    • Current and past member/subscriber contact information
    • Current and past membership/subscription status
    • All relevant membership and subscription data and information
    • Complete communication and transaction history
  • 360 Degree View dashboard can be customized
  • Many more features…
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MemberzPlus 360 View Features
MemberzPlus Membership Management Features
  • Seamless integration with existing operational systems including: CRM, POS, and many existing industry specific systems, etc.
  • Ability to integrate data from multiple sources into the 360 Degree View for use in member services and campaign drives.
  • List generation to drive e-mail, postal, and/or call center interactions.
  • Integration with 3rd party billing and print vendors.
  • Many more features…
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  • Web service API layer (SOAP or RESTful) to support all back-office functions, including: join, renew, upgrade, status changes, manage demographics, manage subscriptions, donations, gifting, publication requests, etc.
  • Define or change campaigns and deliver them to the web real-time.
  • Members have the ability use my account page to self-manage their membership to include: join, renew, upgrade, gift, donation, opt into auto-renewal and/or autopay, and view billing/payment history, etc.
  • Integration with existing CRM for real-time fulfillment.
  • Many more features…
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MemberzPlus Web Integration Features