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MemberzPlus Pricing and Customization

Inclusive Price Structure

We are a true partner to our clients. This is reflected in how we structure our pricing. We do not price per service or per function. We offer an inclusive price without any “add-on” costs. We work with each client to individually tailor their project’s, scopes, timeline, and cost effectiveness. The flexibility of our platform allows us the ability to scale any project and each project is priced individually, according to each client’s specific requirements.

No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees or extra costs. All tools, features, and functions on the MemberzPlus platform are available to all MemberzPlus clients. Each client can also work with our team of experts to develop additional features as needed, at no additional cost. When new features are implemented to the MemberzPlus platform they become available to all existing clients. This added value is provided to support clients in their future growth.

MemberzPlus No Hidden Fees
MemberzPlus ROI

Attractive ROI

Our platform provides customizable tools & features to support frontline staff productivity across multiple channels, drive growth, and increase revenues. Proven efficiency performance through seamless integration with existing key business systems and improved operating costs by implementing automated systems. Our capabilities evolve with our client’s growing business needs to support their continued growth.