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Nov 17 2011 MemberzPlus

What's New in 4.0
New Features for the Best Membership Product on the Market

New Capabilities

  • iPhone Marketing Application - Brand new tool for marketing and taking memberships on the go
  • Benefit Tracker - Provide new benefits to your customers and track usage
  • OCR Integration - Documents can be OCR'd and stored as text along with the image
  • Fax Integration - Members can fax in documents for attachment to contacts or their profile
  • Geo Coding - Addresses automatically Geo Coded and stored next to text address


  • Unlimited Flex Fields - Add custom fields to any table
  • IE9, Chrome and Safari - New browser support added
  • Html5 and CSS3 - Supported for skinning and product branding


  • Load Time - Result sets improved 2x-3x
  • Load Time - Search screens improved 3x-10x
  • Thinner - Memory footprint per user session reduced 20-500% based on the activity
  • Thinner - Reduced Page Sizes, reduces network requirements and improves 'feel'

Co-Branded Cards

  • Member Level - Cards can now be set at the member level as opposed to membership
  • Billing - Supports separate files, or coded output
  • Self Service Component - Members can set their card image preference

Groups and Affiliations

  • Group Paid Components - Manage which components a group pays for
  • Multiple Payers - Handles Primary and Donor payments on the same membership
  • Expiration Date Control - Optionally force all members to a single expiration
  • Management - Group Admin screen allows selection of memberships still in the group
  • Bills - Create an itemized group bill
  • Self Service Component - Group managers can manage groups online


  • PCI Compliance - Additional logging, encryption, and other measures created to comply to PCI Compliant regulations
  • User Profiles - Deeper protection on where and how usernames and passwords are accessed
  • Closed - Few new found vulnerabilities isolated and addressed


  • Look and Feel Upgrades - Skinnable and Brandable with new jQuery widgets
  • New Search Screen - Easier to use and can allow department heads to manage their users
  • New Benefit Tracker Screen
  • New Navigation Menu - Utilizing html5 with backwards support
  • Real Time Dashboards - New Data Grid and text value options
  • Real Time Dashboards - Additional styling options and new chart layouts
  • User Preferences - Users can choose pre-defined skin preference if allowed by administrator

For IT Admins and Developers

  • SQL Installer - Greatly improved making new releases easier to install
  • Crystal Reports Libraries - Updated
  • Crystal Reports - Export to Excel now converts to appropriate data types.
  • Web Services - Upgraded to use JAX-WS and SOAP
  • Web Services - Numerous web services added to support additional integration
  • Code Generation - Now creates web service components