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March 3, 2017 MemberzPlus

MemberzPlus to Attend the 2015 AAA/CAA Eastern CEO Conference

Ross Group Inc recently announced its plans to exhibit again at the 2017 AAA/CAA Eastern CEO Conference held annually in West Palm Beach Florida. RGI’s membership product, MemberzPlus, has made great strides in servicing the AAA market space over the past sixteen years. When asked about the opportunity to showcase its product for another year, Richard Spanier, President, was quite optimistic.

“Best of breed and fully functional enterprise level membership management software is what we remain committed to serving the many motor clubs which make up the AAA and CAA market respectively,” stated Spanier. “Year after year, we focus on staying ahead of the technology curve to give our clients the opportunity to utilize the latest and most up-to-date industry trends. Over the past year, we’ve developed an ample amount of new features and updates to the product which, in turn, attendees will be able to utilize pushing into 2017.”

The MemberzPlus team will be active throughout the conference and will be exhibiting in the Showcase room.