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October 10, 2019

MemberzPlus is Going Virtual

We are happy to announce that MemberzPlus is going virtual! Flexible working options have always been an essential element of our culture. With more employees enjoying the benefits of working remotely, we have found ourselves occupying office space that goes unused. The Douglasville Georgia Headquarters office space will be the only footprint that we will maintain.

Tips on MemberzPlus Virtual Office

Richard Spanier, President and CEO says, “The benefits of going remote are substantial. It provides staff with flexibility, lowers our carbon footprint, and allows us to put our resources toward more important things. Going virtual is a great business decision for MemberzPlus.”

MemberzPlus Going Virtual

What does this mean for clients and partners? Spanier explains, “It’s doubtful that they will notice the change at all. We already have remote employees across the United States. We currently have employees working remotely in Georgia, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Colorado, and Iowa and the infrastructure to support even more.”

MemberzPlus employees and clients already communicate heavily with each other via online collaboration tools. Online collaboration tools and the MemberzPlus VOIP phone system help the entire team, on both the client and staff side, engage with each other and stay informed and connected in a meaningful way. Our clients and staff are already well-versed in interacting with each other via virtual tools; this will make it easy to conduct business as usual.