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June 1, 2016

MemberzPlus clients drive enhancements - new features announced, June 2016

Ross Group Inc recently announced new MemberzPlus product features that were added based on client demands. New features include:

  • Conxons Security Group Profiles
  • Sales Agent setup create conxons user
  • Jax-WS Web-member service supports gifts
  • National OAUTH integration
  • CDX real-time push updates

“Best of breed and fully functional enterprise level membership management software is what we remain committed to providing our clients. This commitment requires constant attention to their ever changing needs,” stated Spanier. “Year after year, we focus on staying ahead of the feature and technology curve to give our clients the opportunity to utilize the latest and most up-to-date industry trends. Over the past year, we’ve developed an ample amount of new features and updates to the product which clients will be able to utilize as part of their normal upgrade plan.”