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June 23, 2008 MemberzPlus

Auto Club Partners Services Company Selects Ross Group's MemberzPlus

Ross Group Inc announced today that they have entered into a contract with Auto Club Partners Services Company (ACPSC) to supply the motor club group with software and services. In a first of its kind transaction for Ross Group, the company is selling ACPSC a Source Code License for their industry leading MemberzPlus™ membership management software. Under the unique agreement, ACPSC will receive all source code and documentation to the MemberzPlus™ software and can use it to manage all of the clubs under the ACPSC umbrella which includes AAA Mid-Atlantic, AAA Allied Group and others.

“MemberzPlus™ is an extremely robust membership management application,” explains Richard Spanier, President of Software Solutions at Ross Group. “By using MemberzPlus™ the motor club is benefiting from millions of dollars in research and development. This puts them in a great position to move forward with their own initiatives.”

Mark Ross, President and CEO of Ross Group,explains that “By licensing the source, ACPSC will maintain the software themselves and will be able to perform their own customizations. This frees them to pursue any path they choose for the software and they can do it without having to pay on-going maintenance fees. It is a great alternative for an association like ACPSC which has the staff and expertise to take on the maintenance tasks themselves.”

“ACPSC looked for a comprehensive software product designed for AAA club membership processing and management.” says Angela Harper, Managing Director of Project Administration at ACPSC. “Our objective was to modernize our membership processing application to improve the efficiency of our membership operations. Ross Group’s MemberzPlus™ solution offered a wide range of flexible features that can help us strengthen our customer’s experiences. We were also very impressed with the level of AAA association member business knowledge that Ross Group brought to the table.This knowledge foundation allowed us to quickly streamline our system assessment work and be in a position to leverage their membership business knowledge and leading edge technology.”

Ms. Harper says, “We are excited about this new partner relationship and the flexibility of the browser-based solution that provides configurable and modifiable solutions to meet today’s goals and to adapt to future membership processing demands.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Ross Group will supply ACPSC with the latest edition of the MemberzPlus™ software application, will perform an initial set of modifications for the association and help them get live with the application. During the modification and implementation period, Ross Group will work with ACPSC team members to transition MemberzPlus™ knowledge to the ACPSC team.

ACPSC, based in Wilmington, Delaware, has a member base in excess of five million members and is one of the largest motor clubs in the AAA.

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Ross Group Inc is a leading supplier of software to motor clubs in North America. The company supplies software to manage all touch points between the association and its member base. This includes membership management systems for back office and branch operations, web site management and software to integrate member management with other association systems like finance, insurance and road side assistance.

For additional information, visit the Ross Group web site at or contact Richard Spanier at (770) 942-5629.