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July 13, 2009 MemberzPlus

AAA/CAA Small Motor Clubs Improve MRM and CRM with Innovative 'Small Club Solution' from Ross Group Inc

Ross Group Inc (RGI) announced today that it is bringing its market-leading family of AAA Large Club membership and CRM/MRM products to the AAA/CAA Small Clubs.

“In an effort to position ourselves to better support AAA/CAA Small Clubs, RGI has developed a MRM/CRM solution tailored specifically to the needs of AAA/CAA Small Clubs,” says Richard Spanier, President, Software Solutions.

The new AAA/CAA Small Club Solution combines RGI’s premier MemberzPlus™ and TouchPoints™ software into one hosted SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution. As a result, RGI is able to provide an attractive, cost-effective value-packed solution to AAA/CAA Small Clubs.

“With no up-front fees and only a simple monthly subscription, this solution provides Small Clubs all the functionality of a Large Club including the unmatched service and support of RGI. The Small Clubs realize significant benefits without compromise.”

About MemberzPlus™

MemberzPlus™ is a membership software solution created to help clubs manage their most important asset, their members. With the release of MemberzPlus™ 3.0, Small Clubs now have access to the most intuitive membership software available in the auto club industry. The MemberzPlus™ membership software is web-enabled and ideal for clubs who are looking for a single solution that:

  • Enhances the club’s ability to retain and grow memberships
  • Provides robust, comprehensive membership functionality all in one source
  • Enables the club to connect and interact with members, partners, employees and AAA National systems
  • Empowers club management to be able to run their club the way they want

About TouchPoints™

TouchPoints™ is a fully integrated solution that optimizes net profit and customer satisfaction using informed intelligence. At every "TouchPoint" RGI provides an informed offering based on one-to-one profiling. No longer does the Club have to just take a guess on members’ wants and needs; now Clubs will know what customers want and need. The result is a radical increase in member satisfaction, successful campaign results and much more. This intelligence can be placed at any “TouchPoint” in the CRM process including the web, branches, emails, mail, phone and sales representatives. The RGI TouchPoints solution provides a 360° view of customers’ needs, customized workflow, real-time management and reporting, integration of all systems as well as other benefits too numerous to list.

About Ross Group Inc

Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, Ross Group Inc is a leading supplier of software to motor clubs in North America. The company supplies software to manage all touch points between the club and its member base. This includes membership management systems for back office and branch operations, web site management and software to integrate member management with other club systems like finance, insurance and road side assistance.