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January 01, 2006 MemberzPlus

AAA Hoosier selects MemberzPlus Membership Application

Ross Group announced today that they received a contract from AAA Hoosier for MemberzPlus™ Membership software and services. The MemberzPlus™ Software Solution and Collaboration Suite are designed to address significant business needs for AAA associations. The MemberzPlus™ Membership System includes the processing of all membership transactions for associations, for both internally and self-service web membership transactions, as well as facilitates member retention, cross-selling of services, and revenue growth through the linking and sharing of critical member data across applications.

AAA Hoosier is the sixth AAA Auto Club to purchase MemberzPlus but the ninth association overall, as some of the larger associations have acquired smaller associations and moved them into the application as well.

"We decided to partner with Ross Group on this major initiative because of the feature richness of the application and the efficiencies it will provide us once we are in production," said Terry Farias, President & CEO of AAA Hoosier Motor Club. "In addition, Ross Group has an excellent track record with both large and small sized associations in AAA."

The MemberzPlus™ Collaboration Suite is a membership solution created specifically to help AAA associations manage their most important asset, members. The Membership System is well-enabled and ideal for asasociations who are looking for a single solution that:

  • Empowers your association to retain and grow memberships
  • Provides robust comprehensive membership functionality all in one source
  • Enables you to connect and interact with your members, partners, employees, and AAA National systems
  • Empowers you to run your association the way you want