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February 26, 2014 MemberzPlus

Ross Group Inc to Attend the 2014 AAA Marketing and IT Conference

Ross Group recently announced its plans to attend and exhibit at the 2014 AAA/CAA Marketing and IT Conference located in its very own Atlanta, GA during the 7th through 11th of April. This will mark the 15th year RGI will showcase its renowned MemberzPlus membership management software at the conference. The MemberzPlus product development team has been working diligently the past year adding new features to which RGI will be proud to display.

“We’ve always prioritized our commitment to serving the motor club market space, and the AAA Marketing and IT Conference allows us to exemplify our efforts in doing so,” Richard Spanier, President of Software Solutions at RGI stated. “This year, the conference is in our hometown of Atlanta, so we’ll have an ample opportunity to welcome our clients and respective clubs to the city.”

Prior to this year’s conference, the Marketing and IT exhibition was held in Phoenix, Arizona. AAA and CAA Motor Clubs, as well as other international motor clubs, have always made a positive, substantial impact on analyzing and sharing current and future market and information technology trends that are then utilized and formatted by companies such as Ross Group Inc to further benefit the industry.