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July 17, 2014 MemberzPlus

MemberzPlus to Attend the 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting and Exhibition

The MemberzPlus team at Ross Group Inc recently announced that they will be attending the 2014 ASAE Annual Meeting being held this year in Nashville, TN from August 9 to 12. This marks the fifth time MemberzPlus will exhibit at an ASAE event.

Having just passed 20,000,000 members served, the MemberzPlus membership management software suite is the complete solution for large organizations that want leading edge tools to manage, understand and connect with their member base. From a powerful back office management suite to member self-service to analytics that help you understand your members, MemberzPlus is a premier solution for large member based organizations.

“Unique to MemberzPlus is TouchPoints, a 360 degree member view,” says Richard Spanier, President of Software Solutions for Ross Group. “Many of the organizations we work with are larger groups that have multiple offerings for their members. They provide information on their website, they may offer specialized insurance, provide credit cards or they may have one or more magazines they provide, point being, they have a lot going on. We are able to collect and analyze all this information from all the sources and present a truly powerful picture back to our client of their member base. Our clients really know their members.”

Another unique feature of MemberzPlus is the ability to customize. Large member groups seldom fit a software vendor’s model. To accommodate this, we work with our clients to customize MembezPlus to each client’s unique needs but we do this while still maintaining a single code base which is hugely important for support purposes.

If you’re planning on attending this year and would like to learn more about MemberzPlus, be sure to visit booth 555 located in the Technology Section of the exhibition hall. Also, the MemberzPlus team will be giving away an Amazon Kindle Fire HD to a lucky attendee, so be sure to stop by and register. Stay tuned for more exciting news from Ross Group and MemberzPlus!

2014 ASAE Conference