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MemberzPlus Order Processing and Shopping Cart

Today’s organizations can receive orders via a variety of different channels, such as phone, mail, email, lockbox, and the web. With its robust set of order entry and processing tools, MemberzPlus can support order creation through each channel with ease. With this post, I will briefly discuss how MemberzPlus can handle the order processing needs of your organization at the various entry points.

Tips on MemberzPlus Order Processing and Shopping Cart

Web Orders

MemberzPlus provides a suite of web services to feed your customer-facing website with campaign, promotions, and offer details for customer selection. Also, services are available to build out the customer, membership, individual order components, and payments within the application to allow you to maintain a complete and accurate history of your customer's transaction history with your organization.

Mail Orders

Processing Mail Image MemberzPlus offers batch order entry functionality specially developed with an emphasis on ease and expedience of heads-down data entry. Batch order entry features include a full set of configurable defaults to allow the user to organize batches into groups and set appropriate defaults per batch to skip entry of what could potentially be a significant amount of data. Applicable defaults include donation type, membership type, publication, promotion, payment method, and order amount, among others.

Section configuration can allow a user to skip entire sections of data entry for a batch. For example, if the current work batch only contains Memberships, the Donation section can be disabled, which means fewer keystrokes and increased productivity. Batch order entry also provides the user with the ability to override default pricing to handle one-off price variations.

File Processing

File Processing Image Many organizations receive the bulk of their orders in the form of import files exported from other systems or vendors. MemberzPlus developers can build a custom interface to support any file format provided by your processing partners. Import files are mapped and processed within MemberzPlus to create order components, including full membership and customer data, when required. The orders resulting from file processing retain an indicator to link the order to the original file for transaction audits.

MemberzPlus uses a proven matching routine to prevent duplicate memberships during file processing, leading to a cleaner and more accurate data on which to build your organization. In the event of an error, such as an uncertain membership match, payment decline or invalid promotion data, the file import process will create an error batch for manual intervention. The error can then be reviewed and modified using batch order entry, and then posted when all errors are corrected. To reduce the number of errors, file processing can be customized to the needs of your organization. Through configuration, orders with incomplete promotion data can be processed against a general campaign in order to reduce manual updates and reposting. This means less time spent on manual entry and more time spent on the more pressing needs of your organization, resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow.

Customer Service Orders and the Shopping Cart

MemberzPlus offers a Shopping Cart feature where a user can build an order in real time, and accept payment directly within the app, all while speaking on the phone with a member or customer.

Customer Service Image Shopping Cart provides the user with the ability to create membership orders, donations, complete with selected and automatic premiums. Premiums can be waived or overridden directly in the Shopping Cart, which reduces the number of clicks required to meet the needs of your members, resulting in less time on each call and a more streamlined experience for both the user and the member.

As an added level of configuration, high-dollar value premiums can be restricted for order and reorder to a subset of users or require management approval to complete the order. This helps protect the bottom line of your organization by ensuring that valuable premiums are not being sent out in error or duplicated, which could result in a significant loss with a large number of occurrences.

Standard pricing can also be overridden to provide a custom offer configuration for your member. This functionality is permissions-based and can be provided to all your users or only a subset of your choosing.

Recurring Donations Image Recurring donations and installment orders can also be entered in the Shopping Cart and will remain there to accept payment at any time. Configuration is available to require a credit card for setting up auto pay on these types of recurring or installment orders. In the event a credit card is tied to these orders, the member’s card will automatically be charged to fulfill the installment due.

Payment information can be directly entered in the Shopping Cart and multiple payments of various types can be applied per order or orders in a single transaction. Credit card, ACH, check, and cash payments are supported, among others. If configured, MemberzPlus also supports IVR payments, which can be a legal requirement in certain areas. If a credit card is charged outside MemberzPlus, the auth code from the transaction can be included with the payment, which will allow a historical record of the transaction without charging the card a second time. Configuration is also available to present a list of recently used cards for ease of placing additional orders, preventing the hassle of asking the customer for payment information each time and improving the overall order experience.

Post-Order Maintenance

After the order is created, MemberzPlus offers full order maintenance functionality with actions such as canceling entire orders or single items within an order, refunding payments directly to a credit card or setting up a pending check refund, placing reorders for premiums and credentials, maintaining customer and member data, and reporting on order transaction activity at unlimited levels of granularity.

Conclusion for MemberzPlus Orders Processing and Shopping Cart


MemberzPlus has the needs of your organization covered with regards to order entry and maintenance with its full set of order entry and processing functions. You can trust MemberzPlus to maintain data integrity to give you an accurate view of your customers’ support of your organization and provide you with the tools you need to grow that relationship for years to come.

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Elise Sockman
Senior System Engineer

Mrs. Sockman joined our team in 2008 as a software developer with an extensive background in graphic design and user experience design. She is currently serving as a Senior System Engineer, working to welcome a new membership organization into the MemberzPlus family. Mrs. Sockman has 12 years of experience in software development in a variety of technical disciplines including Oracle, Java, JavaScript, and jQuery.