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MemberzPlus Campaign Management

Today, people of all ages are in constant communication, using a variety of methods including texting, email, and all forms of social media. With the prevalence of social media, texting, and email communications, you may be finding that your organization has increased the complexity of your campaigns, and that you are running campaigns more frequently than ever before.

Tips on MemberzPlus Campaign Management

MemberzPlus has a built-in Campaign Management system that allows you to create and maintain flexible campaigns built using a multitude of target criteria. In this post, I will be discussing the Campaign Management tools available in MemberzPlus and how they can assist your organization in properly targeting your members to increase revenue to your cause.

Cost Profiles

With MemberzPlus, you won’t have to spend time entering pricing into the system for every campaign you run. We offer convenient Cost Profiles which can be used across campaigns that share common pricing.

A Cost Profile can be defined manually using the Cost Profile interface, or a spreadsheet in a pre-defined format that can be uploaded to the system. A Cost Profile is comprised of individual cost record data with criteria matching the offerings and price points you’ve chosen to include in your marketing efforts.

The major benefit of a Cost Profile is that it can be linked to a single campaign or many campaigns, allowing you to update to a new price schedule easily, and potentially across many campaigns in a single place. The changes you make to your Cost Profile will automatically be reflected in all campaigns linked to your Cost Profile, saving your organization time, effort, and money.

Campaign Editor

Campaign Editor Image The MemberzPlus Campaign Editor is the tool used to load your campaign data into the system. Entry can be done manually, which is typically reserved for small campaigns or modifications to existing campaigns, or fully automatic campaign load via a spreadsheet upload. Spreadsheet upload is typically the preferred method for larger, more complex campaigns. Campaigns can also be re-uploaded to save the time that would be spent performing manual updates.

Campaigns can be set up with one to many promotion codes and one to many offers under each promotion code. If you have variations of promotion codes that encompass the same set of offers, MemberzPlus supports grouping those promotion codes to assign all the codes within the group the same offer set, which saves data entry time for your organization. In addition, when an offer is updated, all promotion codes will retrieve the updated offer data for presentation during order entry.

MemberzPlus supports an array of offer types within a campaign, which include, donation, membership, non-member service, additional service, premium only, and payment offers. Each offer type involves specific offer components that can be customized to restrict an offer to a subset of your customers, automatically upgrade a member’s membership type, upgrade through more than one membership type in a single transaction, offer premiums for a pay-up, and automatically create premium and credentials as part of an order transaction, to name a few.

The MemberzPlus Campaign Editor has a rich set features that will simplify order entry and premium handling and provide you with the tools you need to run campaigns that will bring your organization the support it needs to thrive.

Bulk Premium Substitution

Premium Substitution Image Many organizations receive the bulk of their orders in the form of import files exported from other systems or vendors. MemberzPlus developers can build a custom interface to support any file format provided by your processing partners. Import files are mapped and processed within MemberzPlus to create order components, including full membership and customer data, when required. The orders resulting from file processing retain an indicator to link the order to the original file for transaction audits.

MemberzPlus uses a proven matching routine to prevent duplicate memberships during file processing, leading to a cleaner and more accurate data on which to build your organization. In the event of an error, such as an uncertain membership match, payment decline or invalid promotion data, the file import process will create an error batch for manual intervention. The error can then be reviewed and modified using batch order entry, and then posted when all errors are corrected. To reduce the number of errors, file processing can be customized to the needs of your organization. Through configuration, orders with incomplete promotion data can be processed against a general campaign in order to reduce manual updates and reposting. This means less time spent on manual entry and more time spent on the more pressing needs of your organization, resulting in a more efficient and effective workflow.

List Builder

We have recently enhanced the MemberzPlus List Builder to allow for more flexible marketing list generation using your customer and member data. The data can be segmented to fit your marketing needs with promotion codes generated and assigned to each segment. This functionality provides you with tools you need to reach the desired customer base within each segment, by defining targeted campaign offers geared toward the members in each segment. This data gives you the ability to track which segments are more performant, which generate the most revenue, or which produce the most activity.

Campaign Tracking

Campaign Tracking Image MemberzPlus has campaign tracking functionality that provides a historical view for which campaigns a member has been selected by your lists generated within MemberzPlus. Working in conjunction with the List Builder feature, Campaign Tracking creates a record of a member having been included in a list, which will allow you to more accurately determine costs and gains against your campaigns by reviewing the list data vs the resulting transactions at the promotion code, segment, or individual level.


Once your campaign has begun and the transactions have started to come in as a result, MemberzPlus can provide you with standard reports to give you a view into the overall performance of your campaigns. MemberzPlus can also provide a detailed analysis at the campaign, promotion code, offer, or premium level to help you leverage the best performing components going forward, and eliminate those that are less performant. Custom reports can also be created according to your criteria to give you the most accurate view into the data elements that are most important to your organization. This will allow you to streamline your campaigns and provide the offers most desired by your members, thereby increasing your revenue.

Conclusion for MemberzPlus Campaign Management


MemberzPlus has a complete set of Campaign Management tools your organization can use to create, modify, track, and report results from your campaigns. The MemberzPlus team will work with you to customize your campaigns and create reports that will fit the needs of your organization and propel your future growth. You can count on MemberzPlus to become a trusted partner in growing the membership and fundraising numbers for your organization.

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Elise Sockman
Senior System Engineer

Mrs. Sockman joined our team in 2008 as a software developer with an extensive background in graphic design and user experience design. She is currently serving as a Senior System Engineer, working to welcome a new membership organization into the MemberzPlus family. Mrs. Sockman has 12 years of experience in software development in a variety of technical disciplines including Oracle, Java, JavaScript, and jQuery.