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Membership Dues and Donations

Membership Dues and Donations

At MemberzPlus, we concentrate on Membership and Subscription management software. We specialize in supporting organizations that have a very large member base. Our clients have complex needs that we understand.

It starts by establishing member types. You can define any number of standard and/or specialty member types. From Basic to Silver, Gold, and Platinum - you define the types. Perhaps you have Student Members, Teens, Seniors, Associate, Honorary, Lifetime or others. In addition, you establish the building blocks that make up each member type and their eligibility rules.

Once you have defined the member types, you can configure discounts, premiums, and even elect to allow payment plans. The flexibility of MemberzPlus leaves it all up to you!.

Order Management

Orders and Payments

From subscription and fulfillment functionality to renewals and billing, MemberzPlus serves not only as your membership management system, but as a true subscription management system for you as well. Flexible payment options to include gift subscriptions, payment plans, automatic renewal, and more.

MemberzPlus includes tools to support your back office, call center, brick and mortar branches, and online processing needs. From on-boarding to renewal and everything in between.

Our products are designed to enable your organization to better serve your members. A more efficient organization with the appropriate tools can greatly lower costs while driving up member satisfaction. Our application suite enables you to quickly and decisively accomplish membership transactions.

Membership Management Software

Campaigns and Promotions

Give your marketing staff the flexibility they need to drive the right onboarding and renewal campaigns. Establish any number of promotions. Test different premiums and messaging. And best of all, drive consistent offers and messaging across your entire enterprise. Formulate promotions on the web, in the call center, and across your front office to improve results while driving down costs.

Our products are designed to support very large organizations with huge call center operations. These tools can be applied to organizations of any size and yield results.

Subscription Management Software

Subscriptions and Fulfillment

Manage multiple subscriptions across members to include print and/or digital subscriptions. We provide you with the flexibility to stack contracts, track deferred revenue, tie delivery to payments, place subscriptions on hold, and much more.

MemberzPlus is a superior membership management system with a full featured subscription management module. That alone sets us apart from the rest of the market.

Call Center Operations

Call Center Operations

Our clients are national, if not international, membership/subscription organizations. These clients run very large sophisticated call centers. With MemberzPlus they have the tools to support both inbound and outbound calls. From member services to telemarketing, we can tie your campaigns and promotions to scripting to drive the conversation and get results. Call center scripting tools give you the flexibility to run A/B/C/D split tests across a single offer and guide the call center representatives to maximize success.

Onboarding, cross-sell/up-sell, contributions, and member services - we have you covered!



MemberzPlus includes a complete set of RESTful APIs to allow you to fully integrate your member facing properties with your back office core system. This allows your web-site and mobile sites to fully integrate with MemberzPlus to accomplish results in real-time.

With MemberzPlus we did not stop with the basic membership and subscription management APIs. A full suite of APIs are available for campaigns and promotions as well. This will allow you to implement marketing campaigns and promotions quickly in response to market demands instead of waiting for them to be coded by your IT staff or vendor.

Large Enterprise Clients


Millions of Members Under Management


The Right Partner for You

AAA Southern New England

With over two million members, AAA Southern New England is one of the largest members of the American Automobile Association.

Serving a geographically diverse member base and growing rapidly, the club needed a system that could support their aggressive growth plans while enhancing their ability to serve their members. MemberzPlus from Ross Group proved to be the perfect fit.
Member Base: 2,000,000+
Segment: Automotive Member Services

"MemberzPlus is not only a superb product from a reputable company, it will help us build a better understanding of our member relationships through their transactions with us. And, it has an attractive ROI."

Mark A. Shaw, President and CEO
AAA Southern New England
MemberzPlus White Papers

White Papers

AAA Allied Group Implementation

A study describing the implementation of a membership and CRM system to a 1.5 million member association, explaining the challenge, approach, and the end benefit and ROI to the club.

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MemberzPlus Testimonials

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Mark Shaw, CEO, AAA Southern New England

MemberzPlus is not only a superb product from a reputable company, it will help us build a better understanding of our member relationships through their transactions with us. And, it has an attractive ROI.

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