MemberzPlus Capabilities Summary, 2012

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MemberzPlus features aspects that stand alone; unique from any other membership system on the market today. With over thirteen years of experience in servicing a broad spectrum of small to very large-scaled membership organizations, MemberzPlus combines market knowledge with a technologically advanced membership management system.

Our customers are membership organizations that market goods and services to their members and, in some cases, non-members. We are selected because of our:

  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Range of Services
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Membership Experience

MemberzPlus Capabilities Summary

Executive Summary

The challenges facing large organizations that market products and services (i.e. financial services, insurance, travel, emergency roadside assistance, etc.) directly to a large member base, and in some cases a non-member population, go beyond feature and function. RGI has worked the last 13+ years supporting associations that face these exact challenges. Associations today are challenged with deepening their relationships with existing members to drive maximum retention rates as well as appealing to newer member candidates that are much more technology savvy. In addition, these organizations are faced with member data that is locked away in silo’ed operational systems that are core to their business lines. RGI has helped organizations unlock this data, develop a single version of the truth about the member’s relationship with the association, and make data “actionable.”

Company Background

Ross Group Inc, headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, is a software product and information technology solutions company. Ross Group is:

  • A leading national provider of enterprise-class membership management and member relationship management software to AAA motor clubs.
  • A leading national provider of software to manage veterinary medicine teaching hospitals and their laboratories.
  • A regional supplier of high-end information technology services to both commercial and government industries.
  • Nationally recognized as one of the leading suppliers of database administration services for large Oracle and SQL Server implementations.
  • A custom software development source for companies needing to develop enterprise class applications.

Ross Group’s customer base is diverse - a mix of small, medium and large companies, universities, AAA motor clubs, and Government/DoD. In addition to its headquarters in Dayton, Ohio, Ross Group has a development facility in Douglasville, Georgia, near Atlanta.

Membership Solutions Background

MemberzPlus is Ross Group’s enterprise application suite for associations. The suite includes capabilities to manage the member base for large associations like the American Automobile Association. Associations use our software to perform all member management functions including enrollment, billing, member maintenance, reporting and accounting. We also supply a web member interface so associations can allow members to perform member self-service, greatly reducing expense to the association. A key component of the suite is our TouchPoints software that gives the association a centralized view of all member interactions. Through our TouchPoints interfaces the association can see not only member ‘touches’ but also interaction from any of the other lines of business the association may be operating. Significantly, this allows the association to act on the information to drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities which increases revenue for the association but just as important allows the association to better serve each member individually.

Major clients include Jamaica Automobile Association, AAA of Southern New England (Boston, Rhode Island, and Connecticut), Automobile Club of New York, AAA Allied Group (Cincinnati, Hartford, Kansas, and West Virginia), AAA Hoosier, AAA Akron, and AAA Mid-Atlantic (Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, and parts of NJ). In total, our software manages member data of over 13 million members.


Our solutions are designed for maximum flexibility and are based on leading-edge, n-tier technology. A relational database management system is used as the back-end database tier. The middle tier application layer is leading-edge Java technology, adherent to the current J2EE standard. The font-end user-interface tier is a true thin-client browser-based implementation which ensures maximum compatibility and low implementation costs. Source code is delivered with the system and local customizations are allowed so that you can always accommodate changing business needs. A flexible XML based rules engine is provided to easily adapt to business rule changes instead of having to change your business rules to adapt to the system.

The solution architecture supports a multi-club or multi-region concept. One instance can support one or several associations/regions. This concept allows an association that owns several territories to manage everything from a single application/database instance. The master data used to enforce business rules can be unique to each region or you can elect to operate from a single set of master data if you have consistent business rules across the regions.

Our solutions are secure. Our solutions will run behind a firewall and because it uses only port 80 communications to the browser, you can provide extranet connectivity with minimal risk. We support secure socket-layer encryption to ensure data will not be compromised. All credit card numbers, and other sensitive data, are encrypted within the system. As an added security feature, we encrypt all files transferred to external systems.

The application suite is a true web-based application. Written in Java, the application requires only a browser for deployment and takes extensive advantage of web services. Ross Group runs a hosting service where we host the application for a number of our clients who only require an encrypted internet connection to access the application.


In 2003 Ross Group deployed the first implementation of MemberzPlus at AAA of Southern New England. Since then, we have expanded both our customer base and product offerings. Today, Membership Solutions is the largest business unit in the company. Our product offerings have expanded beyond membership management to include member relationship management, web management, and lead management - all offered in a lightweight web-client interface. Because of the broad mix of infrastructure services Ross Group Inc offers, we also supply hosting, remote administration, and monitoring for many of our clients.

RGI’s Membership Solutions division is a market leader as it serves many AAA and other associations. Our ability to successfully navigate the complexities of developing and maintaining an enterprise-class software product throughout the United States with a widely diverse user base is a testament to the team’s skill, patience, and perseverance.

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