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MemberzPlus features aspects that stand alone; unique from any other membership system on the market today. With over thirteen years of experience in servicing a broad spectrum of small to very large-scaled membership organizations, MemberzPlus combines market knowledge with a technologically advanced membership management system.

Our customers are membership organizations that market goods and services to their members and, in some cases, non-members. We are selected because of our:

  • Flexible Pricing Options
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  • Membership Experience

AAA Allied Group Inc. Membership Implementation


AAA Allied Group, with a membership of 1,460,000 members, is an affiliate of the third largest AAA entity. In January, 2008, a new “Member Centric, Market Focused” strategy was presented to the employees. The new strategy would identify one or more product offerings specifically selected for a particular member or their household, but also allowing our association to offer different products of highest appeal to each region; recognizing the fact our members differ from region to region.

The Challenge

AAA employees previously had access to member interactions within their own department, but rarely knew the encounters the members had with other AAA departments. A system was needed to capture and display when a AAA member interacted with the various departments, enabling the employees to reference the value of the AAA membership.

The Solution

The Ross Group worked with AAA Allied Group by customizing MemberzPlus to reflect Allied Group’s unique business rules. Although the system was used to process all membership transactions, it also linked data to and from other association applications. Another facet called TouchPoints was eventually added offering a “quicker” glance at the member’s information and activities within our association.

The MemberzPlus system acts as the central application for membership, and is integrated with other key systems such as emergency roadside service, and point-of-sale systems used by AAA motor associations. It can also be used as a central repository for key membership information across many other applications and become the single point of membership information. MemberzPlus lowers the costs of transacting business with its members and improves operational efficiencies. There are some great features built into MemberzPlus that allow a substantial improvement in member service. The Web Self Service features allow members to go online and select key services at their discretion, at a time that is convenient for them. Members can renew a membership, upgrade their service, respond to a special offer sent via the mail, or request additional information about a travel destination—saving time and money through reduced handling costs. There is also a letter processing feature that allows a customer service representative to automatically generate a letter to a specific member. This feature also allows associations to do a single or many letters, which can be used to auto generate letters for membership campaigns.

The Result

The TouchPoints/MemberzPlus system design is easy to learn and utilize allowing first-time users to quickly feel comfortable with a variety of membership transaction procedures. Employees from the Travel and Insurance departments who had previously shied away from using AAA’s membership system have found TouchPoints/MemberzPlus manageable and non-threatening. Everyone has found the system logically displays previous member activity enabling our employees to present AAA offers relevant to each member. The members benefit by discovering all the ways AAA can help – plus there aren’t wasted precious sales opportunities with messages or products members can’t use and wouldn’t want.

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