Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

01 - How many members can your system support?
MemberzPlus can support up to 100 million members within a single instance. The software has been tested with up to 3,000 simultaneous active agents.

02 - How frequently are new versions released?
Large associations get an update every 2-4 weeks where as small association only accept one or two upgrades a year.

03 - How are you ensuring our data is protected?
We are a PCI Compliant organization and strive to consistently exceed the PCI requirements. We utilize McAfee and other 3rd party scanning tools to routinely monitor our installations. Our software utilizes a "best approach" framework employing strong encryption and a core that protects against common security problems. We have a security team which includes experienced security certified professionals which meets weekly to discuss and take immediate action of any new issues or regulation changes.

04 - Will your system support adding custom fields?
Yes, you can create an unlimited number of custom fields. In addition, your custom fields can automatically be extended to our web services API if you so choose.

05 - Can you integrate with our existing software?
Yes. We have been able to integrate 100% of the software applications our customers have requested. Our technology allows us to integrate with any web service, database, web page, console application or even directly to any windows based software application. We prefer to integrate through provided API's, but we also have the ability to integrate software programs that do not offer any outside integration.

06 - Can you convert our existing membership software to MemberzPlus?
Yes. We consider ourselves experts at database conversions, especially in regard to membership data. We have done conversions on systems with as many as 6 million members without data loss. In fact, every conversion results in correcting a significant amount of bad data in the existing membership system. We've been able to meet these objectives in as little as 6 weeks.

07 - Can I create separate views for different roles?
Yes. At the core of our framework is a role based security rules engine that lets you define who can see what. You also have the ability to create custom editable views. Some of our customers have even created a branded website to allow 3rd party access to view and update content they have defined.

08 - What if we want something not currently in your solution?
We are committed to meeting your business objectives. We consider our customers partners and will find a solution to fund and develop any missing pieces. Some customers would prefer to fund themselves and retain the rights to those changes. Others prefer to split the costs with other organizations interested in the same solution. We act as a conduit for our customers to help bring a solution to reality quickly. In the end, the same team that develops the new features will be there to support you throughout.

09 - Can my developers extend your software and add custom capabilities?
Yes. We have numerous web service SOAP API's that support many of the application's capabilities. See the Features/Flexibility section for more details.

Membership Management

Combining Expertise with Market Knowledge

MemberzPlus features aspects that stand alone; unique from any other membership system on the market today. With over fifteen years of experience in servicing a broad spectrum of small to very large-scaled membership organizations, MemberzPlus combines market knowledge with a technologically advanced membership management system.

Features Include:

  • Dues, Discounts, and Donations
  • Subscription Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Contacts and Leads
  • Billing and Credentials
  • Relationship Management
  • Online Self Service
  • Marketing
  • Groups and Affiliations
  • Membership Processing
  • eCommerce
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Technology

Ross Group Inc is committed to bringing
the best possible MRM solution to your organization.

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