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Campaign and Promotion Management

The Membership and Subscription
Management Professionals

Campaign and Promotions Management

Campaign and Promotions

MemberzPlus allows you to build out your promotions manually by using the interface or automatically by uploading a complete configuration. With campaign management, you can track mailed quantities and map your promotions to phone numbers or website URLs for inbound call scripting. MemberzPlus campaign management gives you complete flexibility to assign specific publications to promotions, generate additional contributions, configure promotion-specific pricing, and assign premiums per offer configuration.

Using MemberzPlus campaigns, you will have the flexibility to drive consolidated marketing efforts across multiple geographic regions, including region-specific pricing and promotional details. Each promotion within a campaign can be targeted to reach a subset of your members, and can be configured to offer upgrades and other incentives to invoke interest and increase sales. Tailored renewal campaigns will help generate increased revenue and member retention. MemberzPlus also offers a full reporting suite to help you determine which promotions provide the best results and aid with future promotional efforts.

Features, Features, Features...

The complexities of managing even basic memberships can cripple an organization. Our products are designed to enable your organization to better serve your members. A more efficient organization with the appropriate tools can greatly lower costs while driving up member satisfaction. Our application suite enables you to quickly and decisively accomplish membership transactions, such as:

  • Promotion specific pricing
  • Response reporting
  • Subscription renewal promotions
  • Incremental, action-based, or full-pay premiums
  • Subscription, donation and payment configurations supported
  • Reusable pricing structures
  • and much, much, more...

Membership Management

Combining Expertise with Market Knowledge

MemberzPlus features aspects that stand alone; unique from any other membership system on the market today. With over fifteen years of experience in servicing a broad spectrum of small to very large-scaled membership organizations, MemberzPlus combines market knowledge with a technologically advanced membership management system.

Features Include:

  • Dues, Discounts, and Donations
  • Subscription Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Contacts and Leads
  • Billing and Credentials
  • Relationship Management
  • Online Self Service
  • Marketing
  • Groups and Affiliations
  • Membership Processing
  • eCommerce
  • Flexibility
  • Security
  • Technology

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