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Membership Retention

Getting Back to the Basics:

While this blog may not ring with most associations who have campaigns designed specifically to address such components of membership as it relates to retention, it remains vital that such topics still be held in high regard. That being said - members are what make associations and organizations alike thrive; it is imperative to have as many members want to stay involved as possible. While generating members is very important for your organization, keeping them remains ever more crucial, especially when the average 'member' tends to end his or her membership a year after joining. Thus, we've listed three tips to help retain members and align your membership organization with success:

1) Effective Renewal Campaigns

Customers are more likely to renew their memberships if they receive added membership renewal bonuses and are reminded the benefits of staying with the organization. By employing effective campaigns that advertise benefits and limited services, members are more likely to stick around. Benefits such as membership discounts and free upgrades are effective incentives to stay with an organization.

2) Reward Longtime Members

Giving out rewards to members for their loyalty is a very effective influence to stay with your organization. Things like free upgrades to premium services and plaques or certificates issued to those who have been members for a specific amount of time are simple yet effective ways to strengthen membership. We've found that members are much more likely to stay with an association if they receive extra services or benefits without having to ask or pay for them. It builds on a personal level the relationship with your members, ultimately helping them feel relevant.

3) Premium Customer Service

The best and most effective way to retain membership for any organization is great customer service. Members who receive attention and regularly experience pleasant interactions with the staff are much more likely to stay with an organization. Great customer service turns the relationship into a personal affiliation with the member and it helps keep them from joining rival institutions instead. It’s the reason why so many go out of their way to shop at specific stores and dine at certain restaurants; premium customer service makes the experience a pleasure and helps members look forward to coming to your organization each time.

Hope these tips help! Remember, when it comes down to it - who really controls the decision making process in your association? Keep the members first, and retention will follow suit!

Richard Spanier
Devin Tisdale

Mr. Tisdale was a member of the membership team from 2011 until 2015. He is currently an active member and participant of the American Society of Association Executives, the Georgia Society of Association Executives, and the Technology Association of Georgia. Being an alumni from Georgia Southern University, he also brings relevant experience in Marketing along with Sales and Sales Management. During his time at Georgia Southern University, he held dual roles of Vice Presidency in both the American Marketing Association and Students in Free Enterprise, along with roles in the G.S.U. sales team for the annual 'National Collegiate Sales Competition' held in Kennesaw, GA. Mr. Tisdale also holds a very strong background in Information Technology, Association Marketing, B2B Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.