How We Differ

The MemberzPlus Advantage:

Organizations use our software to do more than just manage memberships.

MemberzPlus, an association and membership management software suite, offers everything your organization needs in order to grow. By leveraging the latest technologies, we know what it takes for associations and membership organizations alike to be successful.

The MemberzPlus Difference:

Economical Cloud Solution

Economic Cloud or Corporate Solution

Along with our Corporate Solution, we've also taken the Cloud initiative! In other words, we have the ability to host your application for you, should you want to reduce overall costs, ultimately allowing our technology to be utilized while still managing to keep within the confides of your association's budget.

Direct Database Access

Direct Data Access

That’s right – you read correctly – with MemberzPlus you have direct access to your data - whenever and wherever. Skip the tedious hassle of going through a middle man or vendor to access and interpret your association’s data. Not only do you have direct access, you can also qualify other users within your organization to do the same. MemberzPlus also has a vast array of reports to help analyze what you're looking for!

Ready in Minutes

Your Association is Up-and-Running in Minutes!

We know how busy any given association is. It's a complicated task implementing, switching, and using a new Association Management Software. Thus, we've developed the ability for associations to utilize MemberzPlus 'On-Demand'. In other words, getting started has never been easier! Simply follow the instructions on the Get Started Now page and you can be taking advantage of the vast array of features MemberzPlus provides in minutes!

Mobile Utility

MemberzPlus runs on any mobile device!

No longer are you limited to desktop utility. MemberzPlus is able to operate on any mobile device, be it tablet or smartphone (Android or iOS). Experience the luxury of managing members, analyzing reports, and creating/managing events all while on the go! With the MemberzPlus mobile application, we've also developed an application to record 'leads on the fly' using a Linea Pro 4 IR Scanner and Card Reading Device.

Unique Pricing Structure Support

Ability to Support any Pricing/Dues Structure!

No matter how complex or robust your due structure might be, MemberzPlus has you covered. You can define any number of standard and/or specialty member types. From Basic (or Classic) to Silver, Gold, and Platinum - you create the categories. In addition, you have the ability to establish the building blocks that make up each member type along with their eligibility rules.

Third Party Integration within a 360 Degree View

3rd Party Integration within a complete "360 Degree View" of any member

Making informed decisions has never been easier. The MemberzPlus '360 Degree View' is capable of pulling information from numerous data sources, including third party applications integrated within MemberzPlus, and present such data without any delay. Analyze the member's relationship to your association; see his or her transaction history, past contacts, promotional mailers, events attended, and lifetime value.