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A Best Solution Approach

Our online self-service component (Web Membership) can be fully customized to meet your business requirements. You can change the workflow, adjust rules, rename labels, add custom fields, and apply a branded look and feel all while using our secure PCI Compliant approach. In addition, it's easily integrated with your website and companies like Groupon.

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Online Self Service Features

Nearly everything a user would want to do is supported online. We've taken it a step further to help you track, test and optimize these workflows to maximize your online revenue. Your customers can perform the following functions easily and with real-time credit card transactions:

Membership Functions

  • New Membership
  • Make a Payment
  • Add Associates
  • Add or Cancel Additional Coverage
  • Add or Cancel Additional Products
  • Auto Renew their Membership
  • Update Credit Card and Demographic Details
  • Supports Group Memberships
  • Supports Gift Memberships
  • View Payment History
  • Select a New Branded Card Image
  • Print Temporary Cards
  • Request a Duplicate Cards

Other Functions

  • Lead Forms
  • Contact and Comment Forms
  • Complaint Forms
  • Accept Donations
  • Send a fax

How It Works

Our Web Membership does not have any direct database access. We utilize SOAP Web Service integration to provide the most secure protection for you and your members. This also means that all transactions are done in real time while remaining fast and efficient.

  • Web Service Based
  • Real Time Updates
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Secure
  • Clean Data Entry

Multivariate Testing

You have the option to create A/B tests and compare to see if one workflow is more successful than the "control." This of course can be tied to any of the functions listed above. Create different workflows, adjust the language and change the look to push your business and maximize your online revenue through providing a better and easier approach. Learn more about what this means at Wikipedia Multivariate Testing

Groupon Integration

Create Groupon campaigns and link them directly to an online service component for easy fulfillment. Track your campaign in the back office to determine its success rate. You can even create a real-time dashboard and sit back and watch the hits roll in.

Up-Sell and Cross-Sell

Based on your members' likelihood to buy, match the right product at the "touch" point. Take advantage of your CRM analytics and apply them at every opportunity.

Lead Numbers

Sending mailers or e-campaigns? Allow the member to key in a "Lead Number" which will populate the online fields. They will automatically get the discount rate; all they need to enter is a form of payment.

Market Codes

'Available on the Web' designated Market Codes, created in the back office, can be campaigned for use online as a 'Promo Code.' Since this promotion code is tied to your back office dues and discount system - nearly anything is possible. See Features/Accounting for more details.

Address Correction

We utilize address correction services to ensure the validity of the address at the point of entry. We automatically format addresses based on USPS guidelines and store them correctly on the membership. User verification is promted if the address entered differs from that presented by the service. This reduces typos and allows user override when applicable.


Vouchers can be given to your members as part of a marketing campaign or refund. Vouchers can optionally be accepted online as a form of payment.

Check Payments

Allow your members to attach routing and check account information directly online. See Features/Security to learn how we protect your data.

Capture Information

While the member is online is the opportune time to capture any missing or incorrect profile information. While the member visits the website, we analyze; and when necessary can request any additional information from the member that you specify. For example, if a bill is returned due to an invalid address, we can prompt the member for a new address. If an email is flagged as non-deliverable, we can capture a current email address as part of the transaction.

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