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Continually offering rich new features as well as staying current with advancements in technology, RGI is committed to your future. State-of-the-art technology, including Java J2EE compliance and Oracle Server databases, means flexibility, scalability, and tight integration with your other key business systems and member facing websites. Web-enabled intuitive interfaces result in increased efficiencies and lower transactional costs.

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Features to Help Drive Membership and Build Efficiencies:

  • Market Codes
  • Lead Numbers
  • Groupon Integration
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Campaigns
  • Lead Management
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Outbound Telemarketing
  • Outbound Mails
  • E-Blasting
  • Letters

Market Codes

Also referred to as Solicitation Codes or Promo Codes, Market Codes can be created for any possible combination of dues, discounts and other special offers. When a current in-renewal member or a prospective member visits your website and keys in that Market Code (Promo Code), the corresponding special promotion you configured in the back office becomes the basis of their membership. Does the promotion offer a reduced dues rate; or a discount in a specific amount or percentage; or maybe 2 free months added to a regular cost annual membership? It's totally up to you. At checkout the customer is presented a detailed view of their membership costs. Discounts are are visibly subtracted; dues cost readily displayed at the component level and in total with enrollment fees, if any, broken out. Upon completing the enrollment/renewal process, a confirmation email is sent to the new/renewing member for their records. This automatically generated email not only provides payment confirmation, but with embedded credential graphics serves as a temporary card that the member can use until their permanent credentials arrive.

Lead Numbers

Lead numbers are the attached serial codes on marketing mailers. Your customers can go online and key in the "lead number" from the marketing material they received and their checkout process is automatically populated with all the appropriate details. This includes name, address, and special offers. For new customers you'll need a form of payment, but for existing customers the payment information can be automatically attached. All it takes is 2 clicks, one to submit the lead number, and one to verify and submit the purchase.

Groupon Integration

Create a Groupon campaign and create a specialized branded landing page on which the recipients fulfill their requests. Everything is seamless providing the easiest possible solution for your customer.

Mobile Marketing

Take your iPhone or Android on the road to sporting events, conferences, shopping malls and pitch your product. Taking leads is as simple as swiping a card. See Mobile Membership for more about this proven approach.

Business Intelligence

Use verbiage and images that relate to your customers' needs. Create one-to-one bills that engage your member and maximize your retention. Understand that a marketing campaign won't be successful for everyone but when you customize the campaign based on the audience you will see better results.

For example: Generation X tends to be naturally skeptical, but they are the generation buying homes and making big decisions. If you're selling home insurance, show an image of a young family standing in front of a house where a tree has fallen and then explain how you can help. With these tools, knowledge and techniques you can maximize your customer loyalty.


From customized billing to scripted interactions both online and off, you can create a variety of campaigns supported throughout your organization. We support your marketing department's creativity through a variety of integrated tools designed for the best customer experience and quality reporting.  

Let's say you want to create an "Add an Additional Member" campaign. The software can automatically watch for households where not every person living in the household is a member. The member calls in or visits the branch; as your customer service representative retrieves the membership the campaign is presented. Or if the member goes online they will be presented with the campaign. You can automatically generate both outbound telemarketing or mail campaigns. Or you can e-blast the discount coupon code. You control who, where, when, why, and how much.  

Lead Management

With a feature-rich lead management system you can support each of your business lines; each with their own business rules. See Features/Contacts and Leads for more information.

Multivariate Testing

Multivariate testing is a process by which more than one component of a website can be tested in a live environment. In a nutshell, multivariate testing can be seen as allowing website visitors to vote, via their clicks, for the content they prefer which will stand the most chance of their proceeding to a defined goal. With the software you can create and experiment with alternate looks and workflows to test, measure and drive to your goals.

For example, we have used multivariate testing to send 50% of visitors to the existing "control" new join process and 50% to the new workflow. We closely monitored the signup rates and found that the new workflow resulted in a higher conversion rate.

Outbound Telemarketing

Utilizing the workbasket within Lead Management, you can create outbound telemarketing campaigns. Leads for your campaign can come from anywhere: an import file, a purchased list, the existing customer database, your iPhone application, or created automatically based on your business rules.

There are many ways you can use this feature. Many of our customers create a "Welcome New Member" outbound campaign where they call 20% of new members and measure their retention rate against the average.

We can also help you with your outbound campaigns. Contact us to ask about our competitive rates.

Outbound Mails

We're integrated with a number of outbound mail providers. We offer a cost effective solution with customized offers, panel-based marketing, and even the printing of your membership cards.


Sending letters has never been easier. Our letter editor lets you design customized letters that are merged with your customer's profile. Letters can be selected and emailed or attached to an automated process such as New Join.


Have a newsletter or campaign? Send via email to members or prospects customized based on your specifics, such as the members' history with your organization.

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