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One of the best possible ways to increase your member base just might be via an effective group membership program. We provide the capability you need to solicit other sponsoring organizations while ensuring that administration of the program is not a burden - for you or the group sponsor.

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Groups and Affiliations

Sponsoring Organizations

Enlist other organizations and corporations to sponsor memberships. We have the tools that both you and the sponsor need to manage the members. You establish the group member types, flexible association defined tracking fields, pricing and eligibility rules.

Dues, Donations, and Discounts

You have the capability to set up specialized dues pricing for group members. This is not limited to one price for all groups. You can establish dues pricing for each group and even allot a portion to the sponsor and the remainder to the member, the system takes care of the rest.

Flexible Billing and Expirations Dates

Establish a single expiration date for the group or let new members of the group follow your normal expiration date assignment rules. This allows sponsoring groups to either get a single bill one time during the renewal period or spit the bill up based on enrollment. The bill can go to the sponsor, the member, or both. We have seen many organizations thrive by selling base memberships to a corporate sponsor and allowing the members to individually upgrade their memberships and get billed for the delta separately. By the way, even with a single group expiration date, our system is fully capable of calculating correct pro-rated dues for new member joins, member coverage upgrades, and downgrades/cancellations based on a number of association defined rules and/or unearned dues.


Take a payment from a corporate sponsor and the system allocates it across all the members to ensure appropriate accounting and dues/donation recognition for audit support. In addition, you can take individual payments on single group member accounts and the system makes the appropriate member and accounting updates and new balances are represented on all future group or individual billing.

Billing and Reporting

There is a lot to consider when it comes to managing group membership, especially as it relates to billing. We have a full complement of group reports and support pre-bills, multiple on-demand or scheduled bill notices, and electronic billing.

Online Management

We have the tools available to make administering group members easy for both the association and the sponsoring organization. Allow a group administrator to go online and update their member roles at will. This can be done as a regular part of personnel daily activity or in response to a pre-bill notice. Once the account is up-to-date, a bill can be produced and a payment taken for the sponsor portion of the bill if applicable.

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