Dynamic Design

Through a rules engine based on dynamic design, we can support any business need. You control how each transaction is handled - from specialized validation handling to detail pricing structures.

You can even create on-the-fly profiles to track new member information to be analyzed and used in future marketing campaigns.

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We understand the business and the technology. We are the proven, scalable partner to some of the world's largest membership organizations. Although each organization has its own business approach, we meet their needs with features such as:

Business Rules and Dynamic Design

Use MemberzPlus to run your business your way. A formal rules engine on top of a dynamic approach allows you to test and make real-time changes to support new business or changes in your business practice.

Workflow Editors

From scripted interactions to the flow of a lead, you design the process using visual tools that make it easy. Want your front line to capture missing address information prior to cross selling an insurance lead? Simply drag and drop the workflow to meet your needs.

Profiles and Flex Fields

Has a new initiative in your organization required you to capture more information about the customer? Create any new field such as travel preferences, insurance maximums, and driver history by using our field editor. Extend these fields to the self-service component of your website with a single link.

Web Services (SOAP)

SOAP Web Services allows 3rd-party organizations and your IT team to extend the application with new capabilities. Have one of your business partners send leads into your workbasket or enroll new memberships. The possibilities are endless.


One of the most critical assets to any membership organization is member data. With the power of MemberzPlus, you can share member data easily across all of your systems, even your phone system.


With mergers and acquisitions a consistent occurrence, disparate systems are everywhere. Our system is scalable across your entire organization, regardless of size.

Rich Functionality

Enable your personnel to create efficiencies through the incredible features and functionality available. This system has everything your organization could want.

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