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Features to Help Fuel Membership Growth and Retention

You need every possible advantage when it comes to building lifetime members. Not only do you have to remain relevant to your members, you need to encourage retention during tough economic times. We provide the tools necessary to ensure your marketing organizations can attract and retain members. From enhanced dues and discounts to flexible payment plans, we have it all.

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Dues, Discounts, and Donations

It starts by establishing member types. You can define any number of standard and/or specialty member types. From Basic or Classic to Silver, Gold, and Platinum - you define the types. Perhaps you have Student Members, Teens, Seniors, or others. In addition, you establish the building blocks that make up each member type and their eligibility rules.


Once you have defined your member types, you then establish your dues through billing categories.


Now it is time to run your marketing campaigns. You now setup marketing codes (a.k.a Solicitation Codes) that can be associated with one or more discount that you also establish. Discounts can be based on amount, percentage, condition (i.e. requires auto renewal or a 3-year membership to qualify), threshold (i.e. half off second member), type (i.e. referral), and/or desired behavior (i.e. only available on the web).


Many organizations rely heavily on donations. You can establish any number of donation types, with minimum and maximum thresholds if desired, and we can even include them on your annual renewal bills.

Payment Plans

Retaining members during these tough economic times might motivate you to establish payment plans for dues and dontations. You can establish any number of payment plans and then manage those interactions. At the appropriate intervals we will charge the credit card or bank account. If the transaction is rejected, we will attempt a defined number of times over a defined period before we give up. Once rejected, we will move the member into the billing process to give you the highest probability of retaining the member or donor.

Coupons and Vouchers

Have you considered giving coupons and/or vouchers to members? Perhaps you want to incent a member type with poor historic renewal rates by providing a coupon or voucher good against their next renewal. Perhaps you want to reward a member or respond to a complaint because of poor service. You can even choose to process referral coupons instead of immediate referral discounts. We provide the tools necessary and track the transactions with our real-time accounting journal entries when the coupons are redeemed so you have the full picture.

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