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MemberzPlus features aspects that stand alone; unique from any other membership system on the market today. With over thirteen years of experience in servicing a broad spectrum of small to very large-scaled membership organizations, MemberzPlus combines market knowledge with a technologically advanced membership management system.

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Relationship Management (CRM and MRM)


A key component of our membership management suite is our TouchPoints Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that gives the organization a centralized view of all member interactions. Through our TouchPoints interfaces, the organization can not only see member ‘touches,’ but also the interactions from any of the other business lines the organization may be operating. Significantly, this allows the association to act on the information to drive up-sell and cross-sell opportunities which increases revenue for the association and just as importantly allows the association to better serve each member individually.

Feature List

  • Scripted Interactions
  • Profiles
  • 360 View
  • Customer ID
  • Business Intelligence
  • Letters
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Customized Billing
  • Login Management
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Integration
  • Lead Management
  • Complaint Tracking

Relationship Management Details

Scripted Interactions

Scripts guide the interaction at the "Touch" which could happen in many places such as the public facing website, Point of Sale terminal or over the phone. These scripts can be designed to cross-sell, up-sell and capture new information with the offering of these scripts based on profile knowledge of the customers' wants and needs. These customized interactions can automatically present themselves at the appropriate time online or in a branch. Scripts are easily configured using a drag and drop wizard that is user friendly even to the computer novice.

360 View

Empower your employees through a complete view of every member; making informed decisions has never been easier. The 360 View has the ability to pull information from numerous data sources and present that data without delay. Typically, the 360 view is comprised on the customer's relationship to the organization, transaction history, past contacts, promotional mailers and the lifetime value. Selecting this information can deep link you into the transaction system or present a more detailed view. Depending on your needs, this view can be tailored via permissions and business function to better suit the counselor's daily needs.

Customer ID

No more inconsistent and repeated data between systems. The Customer ID simplifies life by following your member across all systems and all transactions.

The Customer ID is the key to proper campaign management. With every purchase we learn a little more of the customer’s wants and needs. Coupled with external data we are able to build a profile on each and every individual who lives within your target demographic area. We are then able to match your products and campaigns to these profiles and improve your campaign success rate. This strategy will not only improve revenue but also save on expenses by targeting only the potentially interested customers.


Profiles are an on-the-fly way to configure the capturing of more information about the customer. This information can be captured from numerous sources and sent back to the marketing engine for better campaigning. For example, if you were interested in capturing travel preferences about your customer, you could create a travel profile. Within this profile you can choose to start tracking data points such as favorite airline or smoking/non smoking. All through an easy to use editor that doesn't require a software developer.

Business Intelligence

Use verbiage and images that relates to your customers needs. Create one-to-one bills that engage your member and maximize your retention. Understand that a marketing campaign won't be successful for everyone but if you can customize the campaign based on the audience you will see better results.

For example: Generation X tends to be naturally skeptical, but they are the generation buying homes and making big decisions. If you're selling home insurance, show an image of a young family standing in front of a house where a tree has fallen and then explain how you can help. With these tools, knowledge and techniques you can maximize your customer loyalty.

Login Management

Do you have an existing website with a customer login? Store the account info in the back office so that all of your agents can service the customer not just your web team. With this single-view member approach you can link a customer's purchase to an initial website visit. Or the promotion on a member's renewal bill to an online sale.

Lead Management and Complaint Tracking

See Features/Contacts and Leads.

Cross-Sell and Up-Sell

It’s not just about cross-selling for better revenues, it’s about cross-selling to create long-term members. See Features/Marketing for more details.

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