MemberzPlus Billing and Credential Features

Cash-Flow Management for Maximum Renewal Rates

MemberzPlus features were designed with the largest and most complex organizations in mind. These features can help organizations of all sizes maximize their renewal rates while minimizing their workload. Careful consideration was given during design to ensure all the tools necessary are available to control timing of bills, bill messaging, bill security, bill type and segmentation, and bill panel testing. We understand how even small mistakes in billing and delivery can impact your cash flow and renewal rates.

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Billing and Credentials

Scheduled or On-Demand Renewal Billing

You have control over how many renewal notices you want to send your members. You are in complete control of the timing and messaging too. Through the automated process scheduler you can even have the system alert you via text or email on billing success and/or failure. The billing system can be configured to encrypt files and deliver them automatically via secure FTP services. If you don't need the services of a billing and credential vendor, the system can be configured to create a billing output print file or deliver individual bills via email, or both. Regardless of the size of your organization, you will find features available to help you manage your billing process for maximum benefit.

A sample renewal billing cycle might include:

  • Schedule 1st renewal runs prior to auto renewal and let the system deliver the credit card charge notification letter along with the normal 1st bills
  • Schedule auto renewal billing between 1st and 2nd renewal runs and let the system deliver the credit card reject letters along with the 2nd renewal bills
  • Configure auto renewal to attempt credit card rejects more than once over a defined period of time before giving up
  • Select maybe the 3rd notice on the expiration date to warn the member of cancellation
  • Send a final notice after the grace period and let the system cancel the membership for you to salvage through other means later
  • Configure the system to send partial payment letters or automatically move the member into incremental billing on partial payment
  • Schedule your billing jobs in advance and let the system do all the work including:
  • · Executing the jobs at the appropriate time and in the appropriate order
  • · Sending email and/or text alerts on job completion and/or failure
  • · Automatically encrypting billing and credential files and deliver them to your print vendor via secure FTP
  • · Creating billing output files and deliver them via email for printing in-house

Scheduled or On-Demand Incremental Billing

Separate your new membership enrollment and membership upgrades into separate billing jobs that can be executed more frequently than renewal billing. Run these jobs daily or weekly to book the revenue quicker while providing the maximum level of service to your members. Include incremental billings in your renewal billing jobs if you prefer. Other features are:

  • New member credentials and kits sent automatically only after payment is received in full
  • Upgrade and downgrade cards sent automatically by the system on the billing/credential run immediately following the member transaction
  • Duplicate card requests serviced automatically and configurable to include a fee to the member.
  • Historical summary and detail billing and credential information for the life of the member, you always know who, when, and how much

Auto-Renewal Billing

Auto-renewal allows you to establish members with annual payments charged to a specific credit card or ACH account. You can even incent your members to auto renew via discounts or other incentives.

  • You control when to charge a credit card or ACH account
  • You control how many times to attempt the charge on decline or reject
  • You control the offer of discounts when a member chooses auto renewal

Gift Member Billing

Set up one-time and/or perpetual gift memberships and let billing do the rest. You can set up specialized messaging as well as decide to send credentials directly to the member or straight to the donor with the bill. At period end, the system can send bills directly to the member on the one-time gifts. You can also:

  • Establish gift members as one-time or perpetual
  • Assign a gift message when establishing a gift member
  • Move members on and off the gift member program
  • Depending on your dues structure, you can establish a split bill member where a portion of the dues are billed to the donor and a portion to the member


Give members the option to provide donations in response to a membership renewal billing. Set up the types of donations, the minimum and maximum amounts allowed, and let the system handle the appropriate accounting transactions when the payment is processed. You can also:

  • Establish any number of donation types and track accounting transactions at that level
  • Establish minimum and maximum donation amounts if applicable
  • Include donations as part of the billing process
  • Allow members to go online and make donations with or without billing notices

Corporate and/or Group Member Billing

Set up corporate or group member programs including the ability to assign all members within a group the same expiration date. The system handles all the pro-rate calculations and allows you to create pre-bill reports for review. You can also allow your corporate and group administrators to manage member accounts online.

  • Establish a specific expiration date for the group or let it default to your normal expiration assignment
  • Configure the corporation or group to pay all or just some of the membership components, thereby establishing a split-bill scenario where a portion of the dues are billed to the donor and a portion to the member
  • Provide corporate or group accounts with a pre-bill to allow the organization to manage their individual members online prior to 1st renewal billing

Flexible Bill Delivery

We give you the flexibility to deliver bills and credentials in various ways to put you in control.

  • Email delivery on one, some, or all of your bill notices
  • Print and stuff on one, some, or all of your bill notices
  • Produce bill files for processing by your print vendor, you can even segment and sort the files to take best advantage of USPS bulk rates
  • Set up bill delivery any way you choose, i.e. send the 1st notice via email and subsequent notices via postal mail

Payment Plans

Retaining members during these tough economic times might motivate you to establish payment plans for dues and donations. You can establish any number of payment plans and then manage those interactions. At appropriate intervals we will charge the credit card or bank account. If the transaction is rejected, you define the number of re-attempts over a defined period before giving up. Once rejected, we will move the member into the billing process to give you the highest probability for retaining the membership.

Automatic Member Processing for Non-Payment

What are you doing today when the final notice is sent and the member still does not pay? Can you currently set up a grace period; automatically remove member benefits from your website, back office, call centers, and brick and mortar locations? What are you doing today when the membership is only partially paid? Can your current system start downgrading the membership, depending on the complexity of your dues structures, until the member is either paid in full for the remaining member benefits or cancelled all together? We will:

  • Establish a grace period and revoke member benefits while still trying to retain the member
  • Set up a processing cycle in line with your billing notices to allow the system to cancel off all or part of a member, depending on your dues structure, until the member is paid in full or cancelled after the final notice
  • Keep track of members that cancelled for insufficient funds and restrict reinstatement pending manager authorization

Multivariate Bill Testing

We provide you the capability of introducing bill panels into the billing process. This gives you a way to test bill messaging, inserts, offers/discounts, and timing or to create control-sized segments in order to measure response and renewal rates. Just imagine the possibilities.

  • Establish any number of bill panels to control messaging, content/inserts, and even discounts
  • Using our mining tools, assign members individually or in mass to a bill panel if appropriate
  • Run separate billing jobs for each bill panels to ensure appropriate special handling
  • Run all normal bills after bill panel jobs are complete to make sure everybody gets a bill
  • Provide reports to monitor the success of the bill panel

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